Feedback Being Sought On The Boal Avenue Road Diet

The Township is seeking feedback on the possible road diet for Boal Avenue. In 2016, the Small Area Plan identified a possible road diet for Boal Avenue with the goals of improving the functionality of Boal Avenue while balancing the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Specifically, the plan envisioned shrinking the travel lanes on Boal Avenue between the Military Museum and the intersection with Route 45 East to 2 lanes, with a bike lane added on one side of the road.

In 2018, the Township and its traffic engineer, Rob Watts from McCormick Taylor, started the process of completing a feasibility study for the project. The study, which was reviewed by PennDOT, had two phases. The first phase addressed the question of if we could take away one traffic lane on Boal Avenue and still have good traffic flow. The second phase provided plan view illustrations of the Road Diet Concept. The Road Diet was found to be operationally feasible by PennDOT.

An open house on the project was held on October 11th. Materials from that meeting and an online comment form can be found below.  All comments are due back by October 29th.

PennDOT will take this feedback into consideration when they determine if they will further support the project. If PennDOT does not support the project, it will not move forward, as Boal Avenue is a state road and not under the Township’s control.

Click here to view the plans.  Click here to complete the comment form.  To complete the survey monkey, click here.